Mixed Singing Event

In 2024, the British Association of Barbershop Singers will be 50 years old. LABBS - our parent group started soon after. BABS 2024 will be hosting the mixed Chorus contest, and members of local singing groups - The B Naturals, Granite City Chorus, Aberdeen Sweet Adeline's and Albacappella are planning on joining forces to sing at this great event.

Our retreat

So Albacappella did make it to Royal Deeside.

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend in the company of Boo De Bruin (our coach) who really put us through our paces at this amazing venue. We are so lucky to be here.


Retreat Spring 2023

Albacappella are so looking forward to returning to our favourite retreat location in deepest Deeside.

We will welcome the amazing Boo De Bruin as our coach. LABBS Quartet Gold Medalist Tenor with Avalon, who then only went and won the European Barbershop Contest. Wow. Boo is also the BABS Music Category Category Specialist Judge. It will be a great weekend of song in a fabulous location.

Midstocket Celebrations

Albacappella have been supporting The Granite City Chorus at their new rehearsal venue of Midstocket Church.

Both choruses sang together as part of a mixed a cappella chorus a few years ago in Ireland. We are both really social groups of singers and share a love of harmony singing, so its been a pleasure to share in these joint projects to support the Midstocket Community and Kirk. Come along to see us all on Tuesday 6th September - you can buy tickets on the door.

We're Back in Person

Albacappella are so glad to be back singing in person after two long years of seperation, singers masks and testing. It's an absolute joy to share our harmonies and have fun - we loving making music together.

We take our members and guests safety very seriously. All members have been testing themselves for Covid and wear masks as they arrive and socialise at rehearsals. During singing time we stand a safe distance apart (which is one of the best ways for listening and singing with each other) and take regular air breaks. We also monitor the air quality in the room and ventilate the building with windows and doors open in the breaks.

If you want to develop your singing skills and be part of a great group of ladies who love singing together then come along and have a listen. Contact us via our web form or send us an email. We'd love to share with you the fabulous experience of singing with others.

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